Forensic engineering is where existing structures are examined for defects and recommendations made for repair or reconstruction. The type of structures forensically examined by BSC staff to date have been many and varied.

They include cracked walls in residential and commercial buildings, the appropriateness of the timber used for large marine deck projects, examination of the failure of the swing bridge at Sale, assessment of sloping and cracked concrete floors in industrial buildings, assessment of bridges damaged by flood waters, assessment of large diameter concrete tanks, assessment and recommendations for bracing historical buildings, checking paint work on the Bolte Bridge towers and investigations and report on the condition of the timber piles on the old Churchill Island Bridge.

Legal Reports

Often stemming from forensic engineering investigation structural omissions or damage lead to litigation. If this happens BSC provides assistance and advice to clients and legal practitioners. This often results in the preparation of legal reports in which we present unbiased analysis. As well as individuals with residential grievances our clients have included Law firms, construction companies, insurance agencies and government departments.

BSC staff have provided expert witness evidence at VCAT, the Magistrates Court, the County Court and the Supreme Court of Victoria. They have attended mediations and have assisted in the settlement of dozens of matters.